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Circuit Fire Suppression Systems & Extinguishers

Since 1990 FEV has been manufacturing and supplying the very highest quality race car fire extinguisher systems for all levels of circuit racing.

Approved by both Motorsport UK and the FIA for national and international use, our circuit fire extinguishers include handheld motorsport fire extinguishers through to mechanical, electrical and remote charge plumbed-in fire suppression systems. Whatever your budget and size requirements, we have a fire extinguisher to suit all levels of circuit-based motorsport, including AFFF foam systems as well as N-Tec gas.

Our N-TEC products are classed as clean agents worldwide by accepting bodies, and are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and electrically nonconductive and have a global warming potential (GWP) of less than one, making our N-TEC (gas) fire extinguishers the winning choice for motorsport teams and individual enthusiasts worldwide. Within our product range, we also offer foam based extinguishers which offer a great cost advantage over gas alternatives. Since FEV’s first involvement in Motorsport fire protection, nearly 30 years ago we are now proud to supply Formula 1, GT sports car racing teams, BTCC, WTCC, LMP, and ALMS.


Minimum requirements for circuit cars are:

  • MotorsportUK National equipment – Minimum requirement for a plumbed-in system is foam with a quantity of 3.5ltr, if you require a weight or space/size saving solution our full N-TEC range is approved for use by MotorsportUK and FIA for national and international circuit racing. Foam handhelds are available from 1.75ltr.
  • FIA International equipment – Minimum requirements in our N-TEC range for plumbed in systems is from 2.0kg and in foam, our minimum for a plumbed-in system is from 3.5ltr.

For more information on any of FEV’s fire safety systems, please feel free to get in touch. Whatever your requirements for a car fire extinguisher, we would be delighted to discuss and advise you on the best solution available for your specification and budget.

Suitable Circuit Car Fire Extinguishers