FEV supplies a wide range of high-quality handheld car fire extinguishers suitable for all levels of motorsport. With more than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing fire suppression systems, we have developed an excellent reputation for providing premium products to the motorsport industry. Our handheld extinguishers are available in foam, 3MTM NovecTM 1230 gas and MONNEX BC powder. We have supplied handheld extinguishers for almost every type of motorsport from club and personal racing to circuit and rally, we even supply for track spec road vehicles. We can provide a handheld extinguisher to meet specifications and budget requirements.

FEV handheld car fire extinguishers are perfect for tackling A, B, and C class fires as well as electrical fires. Our range of handheld extinguishers includes options that can be used on all of the different fire types including plastic and wood, as well as flammable liquids such as petrol, oil, and paraffin. Although it is only mandatory in certain types of motorsport vehicles, our handheld extinguishers are ideal for a number of different applications – particularly club racing, track days, classic car driving, pitlanes and garages and even high-performance road vehicles, providing you with an added level of safety in the event that you had a fire in the cockpit or engine.

For FIA International rally events the minimum requirement for a handheld extinguisher in foam is 2.4ltrs, our F-TCE240HH meets this requirement. In gas the minimum is 2.0kg, our N-TEC2500HH and N-TEC2000HH meets this requirement.

For National rally events or historic racing pre 31/12/60 the minimum requirement for a handheld extinguisher in foam is 1.75ltrs, our F-TEC175HH meets this requirement.

For more information on any of FEV’s fire safety systems, please feel free to get in touch. Whatever your requirements for a car fire extinguisher, we would be delighted to discuss and advise you on the best solution available for your specification and budget.

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