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Rally Fire Suppression & Fire Extinguishers

Browse our range of FIA-approved rally fire extinguishers, including gas and foam models. We at FEV find it a great testament to the design, strength and quality that we have given to our products, that many rally teams want to use both our plumbed-in fire extinguisher systems as well as our handheld models.

Our motorsport fire suppression systems are approved by both Motorsport UK and the FIA for national and international use. We have a wide range of race car fire extinguishers, from handhelds through to FIA-approved mechanical, electrical and remote charge plumbed-in systems, so we have a fire suppression solution to suit all budgets and levels of rally motorsport.

From FEV’s first involvement in Motorsport fire protection, we are now proud to supply the following Rally classes – WRC, R5, R3, R2, WRX, T1 and R-GT.

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Minimum requirements for FIA Rallying are:

For rallying events, the minimum fire safety requirements are that vehicles are fitted with:

  • A gas or foam plumbed-in fire suppression system that is homologated to FIA Technical List 16 or Technical List 52, depending on your race class
  • A handheld fire extinguisher

The minimum size requirements for plumbed-in and handheld fire extinguishers are:

  • For foam plumbed-in fire extinguishers: There are no minimum size requirements for plumbed-in foam fire extinguishers at rallying events, but it must be homologated to Technical List 16 or 52, as above.
  • For gas plumbed-in fire extinguishers: The minimum size required for rallying events is 3kg.
  • For foam handheld fire extinguishers: The minimum volume of suppressant for foam fire extinguishers is 2.4L
  • For gas handheld fire extinguishers: The minimum size for handheld extinguishers is 2kg.

For more information on any of FEV’s fire safety systems, please feel free to get in touch. Whatever your requirements for a car fire extinguisher, we would be delighted to discuss and advise you on the best solution available for your specification and budget.

Fire Extinguishers Suitable For Rallying