FEV N-TEC Gas Motorsport Fire Suppression System

MSUK Fire Safety Regulations

Here at FEV we offer a comprehensive range of car fire extinguishers including everything from handheld extinguishers to fully plumbed-in fire extinguishers, all of which are Motorsport UK (MSUK) approved. Our fire extinguishers are the result of many years research to determine the most efficient fire extinguishers suited to motorsport. We harnessed the very latest technological breakthroughs to develop and improve our MSUK approved fire extinguishers, which are available in electrical and mechanical format.

MSUK approved fire extinguishers are essential for any form of motorsport competition in order to comply with MSUK regulations. The regulations are designed to ensure both safety and fair-play across the entire community of UK four-wheel motorsport.


Why An MSUK approved Fire Extinguisher?

It is essential that you have MSUK approved fire extinguishers installed prior to taking part in any motorsport event to avoid the wrath of a scrutineer. The scrutineer is appointed by the MSUK to carry out a detailed assessment in accordance with MSUK regulations, checking everything from seat security, brake lights, wipers and harnesses to overalls, helmets, wheels, batteries and fire extinguishers – particularly that these are in certification date. They are assigned to helping competitors to compete in a safe and legal manner.  To avoid being refused permission to race, we encourage you to take full advantage of our comprehensive range of MSUK approved fire extinguishers.

Here at FEV we take MSUK regulations extremely seriously. All our MSUK fire extinguishers are lightweight and compact for easy installation, making them the most advanced fire suppression systems available at the very best prices. With our MSUK approved fire extinguishers you are guaranteed to pass the detailed assessment of the scrutineer at rallies, sprints, hill climbs and all other motorsport events.

You can take a look at our wide range of MSUK approved fire extinguishers including gas fire extinguishers, foam extinguishers, handheld extinguishers and plumbed-in extinguishers, all of which are well known for their quality and reliability. You can certainly rely on all our fire extinguisher products in any emergency fire situation.

To find out more about our MSUK approved fire extinguishers or MSUK fire extinguisher regulations in general, contact us today on 01243 555566 or fill out the provided contact form.

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