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Do you need a fire extinguisher for track days?

The question of fire extinguishers for track day cars comes up a lot and people have varying opinions on the subject. In terms of regulations, you are not required to have a fire extinguisher onboard for most if not all track day sessions. This, however, does not really answer the initial question fully. You are not required by law to wear a cycle helmet but most people would agree these days that it is both normal and essential to do so.

Let’s first look at track days and what goes on. At any kind of track day, you will have different skill levels among the drivers, you will also have different levels of experience, spatial awareness, car control, speed and many other variables. This can often mean there is potential for a few “offs” and possibly some cars coming together or hitting the odd tire wall. It is normal in racing and it should be expected at track day sessions although certainly not wanted.

If a person was entering a low-level MSA race in a car they would have to have an MSA fire extinguisher system installed, why? Because they could be involved in an accident or something could go wrong in the car and it could catch fire. If a person is on a track day pushing their car to the limit it is safe to assume many of the same situations could occur, if anything a track day car is more likely to have an issue because it is not always “race ready”.

If you are in a situation where you are driving a car at or near its limits around a track it seems common sense to have a fire extinguisher. There are many options from a simple handheld car fire extinguisher to a plumbed-in system. The aim is to never use it but keep it serviced and safe just on the off chance you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a car fire. It could be electrical, it might be another driver hitting you through a lack of experience, or you might just push it too hard one day.

The principle is simple, why wouldn’t you have a fire extinguisher in your track day car? There are options to suit most budgets and the consequences of not having one, however remote, are not worth considering.

If you would like to find out more about the options for your track day car or road car you take to the track then contact us today.