FEV on Wheeler Dealers

FEV on Wheeler Dealers
If having our fire extinguishers happily sitting in classic cars and racing cars of every kind wasn’t enough to keep us happy we were also pleased to see the lovely Ed China installing one of our units in the latest episode of Wheeler Dealers this week.

For those of you who are not aware, Wheeler Dealers started as a niche programme on the Discovery Channel and has since become a bit of a behemoth in terms of car related TV. The premise is simple and has not changed since the beginning; Mike Brewer, the buyer, has a budget to go and buy a certain type of car. He then brings it back to his long suffering mechanic Ed China to restore and refurb in whatever way they think will turn the best profit when they re sell it.

Over the years the budgets have increased somewhat but premise has not. They have dealt with a massive range of cars from classic Jags to oddities like DeLoreans, they have worked on mediocre sports cars to American legends like the Ford T-Bird and Mustang. Essentially the list grows bigger every season and so does the audience.

This week saw the showing of episode 14 from season 14 and the car in question was a classic Ford Escort RS 2000. The aim was to prep the car for rallying rather than keep it standard and they really went to town to create a true dirt loving beast. As part of this transformation they had to make sure they adhered to the FIA and MSA regulations in regards to all safety equipment including fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher from FEV in Wheeler DealersIn the show Ed China talks about having to have 2 extinguishers on board, one handheld unit for the co-driver or anyone else to grab in case of a fire and also a fully plumbed in system which can be discharged via a switch on the dashboard. Both systems used in the show were FEV extinguishers and Ed seemed happy to show off the clearly displayed FEV logos too. He also partly showed viewers how to fit the handheld and the plumbed in system. There is even a shot of a scrutineer examining the handheld unit, which I am sure it wouldn’t have been the first time he has seen an FEV fire extinguisher.

We love seeing our products being installed in all sorts of cars from Sunday Hill Climbers to F1 cars. It is always nice to see them on TV too, they are so often hidden carefully inside racing cars that they don’t get shown off enough.

If you would like more information about the FIA regulation fire extinguishers you saw in the show or any of our other products please get in touch with our team today.


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